Friday, September 18, 2009

3 Points of Mild Concern

  • My roommate, one Aberforth Bottleslap, (Don't you wish that was her name? It's not. But close) has begun to call me "Little Muskrat".

  • I wish to bathe in earl grey tea and almond milk, but know not how I could go about this economically.

  • For some time I've been excited by the notion that dinosaurs could have been furry and we will never know; they existed some 60 million years before any human beans could have caught a glimpse, and skull structure might not say just everything. Yet of course, not only are there records of skin imprint findings, but likely a frillion other thoroughly scientific reasons as to why our extinct pals were, in fact, reptilian in nature. Huff.
"Everybody wants what a dino has; dinos, dinos, got pizazz"

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