Saturday, December 5, 2009

Come to Our Eatery; We Have Nutmeatery

I do rather like it when the inside of a nutshell is referred to as the "nutmeat".
I also very much like this local-but-soon-unfortunately-moving-to-Portland band;
All The Apparatus (Formerly Haberdashery). Their sound is original and unique--a folkish, gypsyish, jazzy, Irish-jiggy, wacky-instrumented treat. They are a bunch of very talented, jovial weirdees who don various delightful garments. Do check them out. One of my favorite of their songs is "Lobsterface Mcgee", a sympathetic tale about a hideous pirate who marries an oyster-faced mermaid. They make my night every time I come across them performing on the streets of Chinatown or elsewhere.

Both them and nutmeats are rich and hearty. One, when ground, makes a good base for vegan creamy sauces, the other makes for a wonderful listening, jiving, jigging experience.

Portlandites: treat and enjoy them well. All The Apparatus, that is.