Saturday, October 24, 2009

Foodlings! Mother. Fluffing. Foodlings.

My weeks have been filled with a mugwort amount of school work, general treason, and hob-knobbing and I haven't posted in what feels like many moons! Grovel, grovel.

A Very Generous Vegan Friend of mine created the first scrumptious three meals

Rice, steamed kabocha, sublime kabocha-chikpea-miso-konbu-carrot-onion stuff, hijiki, and what I believe is kale. Oh and giant coconut that my roommate *Aberforth *found somewhere! She and Very Generous Vegan Friend sought its inner meats, and broke open by dropping it off of our 13th floor balcony. Successful.

ezekiel toast, steamed kale, cream of wheat, and fru fru friends

Vegan bi bim bap; brown rice, korean roasted nori, fern shoots, kim chi, gochujang, mung bean sprouts, and carrot

baked tofu, 15 grain rice, steamed carrots and asparagus

Naughty little feathered creature that entered the apartment and WOULD NOT LEAVE! The roommates were out so this left only my cunning tactics and courage to work with. I at first cautiously approached it to say hello, only to make it petrified and flap wildly about. The door to our balcony was wide open, so I didn't understand why it wouldn't just haul arse....bother.
Persistant villain!
After several failed attempts at trying to coax it towards the door/offering to propose a duel, it occurred to me; "a watched pot never boils". So I sat down at a kitchen bar stool facing away from it, pretending to do homework. After about a minute or so I turned around and--lo and behold--Flappy was gone.
It was at this moment that I realized the apartment felt rather empty and lonely, so I grew forlorn and hung my head.

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