Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tofu Scramble and the Bard's Stockings

Here I am at a party I went to last weekend, being consumed by what appears to be mustard greens.

The party was the 22nd birthday soiree of my friend that I shall call "A" here--a costume party! I had received the proper Facebook notice, on which "A" had enthusiastically encouraged that everyone come dressed up. Welp, I sure did, but somehow misread the part where the invitation said "jungle"...

I went as Shakespeare.

Sigh. Worry not, I har-har'd. My vest and tights got a bit stifling while the others pranced about in their leopard print and feathers, though, so I eventually removed those. Only to be attacked by the upper half of another friend's awesome swamp creature costume.

Being the weirdo in the stuffy, frilly shirt isn't so bad, tis plain sooth.

On to the food porn! Breakfast for dinner:

  • Tofu Scramble ( medium firm tofu, almond milk, nooch, mustard, spices, bell pepper, finely grated carrot)
  • Homemade lentil sausages (vital wheat gluten, cooked red lentils, minced onion, sage and other sausagely spices--recipe soon!)
  • Semi-wilted grapes
  • Sensuous mango
  • Black tea with almond milk
I had purchased this yummy looking local whole wheat pita bread from Down to Earth, an all-vegetarian grocery store, that I was excited about and planning to eat. Upon opening the bag, however, I was greeted (garrr) with a sour scent and many fuzzly little blue and green spots. I really didn't want to waste it, but it looked like no cigar. Sadly, my meal was pita-less, but not too sadly, oh no, for a hearty and numbly meal it was yet!


  1. that is pretty funny that you were Shakespeare in the Jungle! Doh!

  2. tee hee i thought you had grown your hair out or maybe got some yarn extensions. yummy looking tofu scrabies! what is 'nooch'?? it sounds like a dirty word... miss you girl, come back and visit!!

  3. hannarrr, nooch is nutritional yeast!