Saturday, November 7, 2009

Everybody Hail to the Pumpkin Song

Happy rather belated Halloween! I hope yours was mischievous and decadent and all of that. What was your guise? Word to Walt:

Wonderful and dearly missed friends from my study abroad program in Japan had come out to visit during Halloween, it was a corking good time.

In keeping with the theme:
I had taken my visiting friends to a gelato place in Waikiki that uses local ingredients. I asked to sample the pumpkin flavor, and the talkative young man behind the counter was eager to tell me that the pumpkins were grown locally on the island, (Hawaii) and that the the flavor is "more mild" than of those on the mainland (rest of the USA). This just struck me as very funny indeed. I don't really consider pumpkins to have a particularly aggressive flavor?

Now heed my word; pumpkin is sans jest my favorite wintery indulgence. I mean, it's definitely one of my favorite flavors and I find it to be silkily-velvety-autumnally-divine.

So I say, who in this beastly kingdom wants a mild pumpkin?

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